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Curvy-Peach Booty Builder With Bands

  • 4Weeks


Grab your band and let's target our glutes!! 30 minutes glute resistance band workout will be focusing on targeting, isolating and activating the entire glute muscles, hips and hamstrings. The hip abductors are important glute exercises and sometimes overlooked, however they contribute to ability to walk, stand and rotate legs. For this at home glute workout, all you need is a band and a mat. Throughout this entire resistance bands workout, try to remember 'knees out and hips high. The point of the glutes band work, it to provide resistance so really increase intensity by widening as far apart those knees. And in the squats, knees out when coming down and rising up. Each exercise is performed for 25 seconds, with 5 seconds to get ready for next exercise. The mini band workout is split into 3 parts: bridges, hip thrusts and squats. As you will see below, every other exercise is a up and down movement so up and down abduction, hip thrust and squat. What's needed: Mat/Resistance bands *All sales are final & no refundable*


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