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Understanding how Stress affects your adrenal glands and fitness.

Why I am always so tired?-10 recognizable adrenal fatigue symptoms:

-Low energy: Can happen anytime of the day-the fatigue can be physical, metal, or both.

-Dizziness upon standing: Check your blood pressure while sitting and immediately after you stand.

-Eyes sensitive to bright light: You feel the need to wear sunglasses even on cloudy days or have difficulty with night driving because of the oncoming headlights (often misinterpreted as bad night vision).

-Asthma and allergies: It can be food allergies, seasonal, or exercise induced asthma. They are all symptoms of adrenal dysfunction.

-Physical imbalance: Low back problems, knee, foot, and ankle are associated with adrenal problems.

-Stress related syndrome: Emotional despair and depression both are associated with adrenal problems.

-Blood sugar stress: The body is unable to properly regulate blood sugar. Symptoms include constantly feeling hungry, irritable, strong cravings for sweets and caffeine.

-Insomnia: Fall asleep easy but wake up in the middle of the night but difficulty getting back to sleep. This is due to the high levels of cortisol.

-Diminished sex drive: Low level of the hormone DHEA (estrogen and testosterone).

-Seasonal disorder: Occur during wintertime, many people go into a mild state of hibernation because your metabolism slow down resulting in a mild/moderate depression.

*This happens because of the weather, lack of sunlight and vitamin D. In addition to these symptoms, excess of abdominal fat is common in those with high levels of stress. I recommend taking Zinc to help you with your insomnia and Choline if you’re always on the go and overworked. When it comes to exercising, I recommend Aerobic because it can improve your adrenal function. Anaerobic training, including any type of weightlifting can worsen the problems. Once your adrenal functions are improved, anaerobic training can be resumed. “The balance of Aerobic and Anaerobic must be maintained.

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